Artistic Eyepieces is a female owned online boutique. This is a place for you to shop all things eyes, eyewear, and statement accessories. We do have a special kinda love for "eyes"! If you're looking for eye themed products, rest assured you will definitely find a lot to add into your basket.

We strive to create an eyeconic experience for you through our products.

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Know More About Our Collections

As much as Preet enjoys creating her own canvas artworks at Artistic Eyepieces, she loves to work with other independent designers and artists. Get to know a little more about our proud partners and Artistic Eyepieces below.

Canvas Wall Art

The wall art canvases are hand designed by the founder of Artistic Eyepieces, Preet Kalra. Being an optician, she has a special love for eyewear and eye-prints. You will always find the eye and eyewear art in Preet's artwork.


Tzachi Nevo is the designer and creator of the unique modern wall decor brand Umasqu, since 2015. He founded the brand at the time he went back designing and started working with three dimensional designs of familiar images such as human faces and animals heads.
The world of familiar images are Nevo's playground where he can disassemble and reconstruct forms.
The sources of inspiration for the images he creates are based on quotations from different design languages.


Artistic Eyepieces supports the Independent Luxury Designer movement. We look for unique artistic eyepieces envisioned and handmade by designers whose primary focus lies in the details of eyewear. At Artistic Eyepieces, we strive for quality. It is our responsibility to bring quality to our customers while keeping fashion and trends in mind. 

"Quality is Pride of Workmanship."

Three-in-one Chains!

Are you with the newest fashion accessory trend?

If not, believe us when we say this: Eyewear chains are the IT accessory, and it's here to stay for a very long time!

Eyewear chains are no longer perceived to be a grandma look, though Grandma was definitely ahead of her trends! This modern and chic trend will dress your eyewear, while giving you the convenience of never losing your eyewear.

Artistic eyewear chains can be worn with both your masks and eyewear. All chains come with the lobster clasp as well as the silicone ring. Most of our chains are handmade by Preet herself and the ones that are not, are also handmade by other fabulous females from Italy, India, and USA!

FUN FACT: You can wear our chains as necklaces too!

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