50 People.

Over 90 working steps.

1 frame.

Designed and crafted in Austria.

This is the origin of your Andy Wolf Sunglasses.

Andy Wolf loves to use fine materials because you can really sense their quality. High-quality acetate sourced from an Italian factory or first-rate metal is the building block for every Andy Wolf frame. Most of them are made from sustainably produced acetate – a material obtained from hardened cotton flocks, that lends itself to a variety of treatments and shapes. Andy Wolf uses 6-8 mm thick plates of it that enable us to mill the middle part of a frame out of a single piece. Of course, they could use thinner acetate plates to produce a pair of glasses, but in our opinion, it just wouldn’t be an Andy Wolf frame then.


Size: 136mm-00

Tinted Lenses by Zeiss with Backside Anti-Reflective Coatings. 

Vendor: Andy Wolf